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Benprise LLC provides customized solution services that are specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.

Benprise expertise is the intersection of operations, finance, and IT – the opportunity triangle where often times the game is won or lost.

We care about your issues, problems, and opportunities. We work with you, your team, and your organization to meet goals on time and within budget.

SPOT Consulting

What kind of services we offer?

Certification Services:

Certified Call Center ( Tier I, II, III) Call center who wish to implement best practices and attain world-class performance in their industry can call upon us to certify their call centers. Our rigorous certification process has the advantage of referencing all performance goals to our best practice. Thus, you will be held to performance levels that will improve your competitive position, not just force you to adhere to an arbitrary standard.

The SPOT certification process is management's best path to a World Class Quality Call Center. The SPOT Certification process is unique and concentrates on top performance standards for your center without the usual lengthy process that other certification processes require. Spot certification process has tailored a sophisticated time-efficient certification process that will target your center’s top-quality performance In three simple steps to guarantee you’re certified as an elite world- class service provider which is essential for your center’s daily productivity.

One of the prime concerns and responsibilities for contact center executive management is usage of appropriate technology. In addition to having an impact on costs, service levels, staff morale, and end-user satisfaction, the appropriate information technology and communication infrastructure must be in place and managed to support the contact center’s business processes and services.

Spot certification process has tailored a refined, resourceful certification process that will shed light on your contact center technology used.

Certified Call Centre Agent Training Programs

As the customer service call/contact center has become the most vital interface between a company and its customers, it has become critical that the call handling process be conducted both effectively and efficiently. Many companies now want a "third party" opinion regarding how well their call center is functioning in its strategic role of getting, keeping, and growing customers. With SPOT Certification, this allows outsourcers to provide 3rd party verified service quality, adding credibility and distinction to their service offerings as well as giving customers piece of mind.

This business need to rate the performance of an agent in a call center has lead to SPOT Certification standards.

For certification please contact us at certification@benprise.com

Recruitment (Interviewing and selecting Call Center professionals)

At Benprise, we follow a simple three-step process, which is very stringent and allows no loopholes or chances for any slack during the process of choosing the right people.

With Benprise recruitment and training process we ensure that your call center is, staffed with world-class personnel, higher operational efficiency, and low employee turnover rate.For more information please contact us at recruitment@benprise.com.

Call Center & Banking Training Programs

Benprise Call Center and Banking training solutions have been developed in both English and Arabic and perfected to meet the diverse and growing communication needs of your organization's call center and back office operations. Communication is a key element of successful call center operations, whether between your agents and customers or within your own organization. Benprise Call Centre Training solutions allow your organization to concentrate on core business, while maximizing the customer experience and ensuring seamless communication between you and your customers.

Workforce Management

Benprise offers affordable and flexible software tools for call center scheduling. We design and maintain your call center, through precise forecasting and efficient scheduling with powerful performance analytics delivering a better customer experience.

Captive Contact Center Health check/Diagnostics

Benprise offers a unique 3 week process to ensure your contact center is efficiently running, through our systematic diagnosis. Benprise develops specifications of integrated models to support management of an enterprise. These specifications will promote inter- and intra-enterprise integration and collaboration of people, systems, processes, and information across the enterprise, including business partners and customers.

Keynote Speaking/ Workshops/Seminars

Benprise team of professionals offer their expertise in keynote speaking presentations through successful key projects delivered in many parts of the world.

Moreover, Benprise workshops/ Seminars are designed for participants to gain an updated trend of the business, and a comprehensive understanding of critical contact center key points from subject matter experts.

For more information on any of our services above please contact us at services@benprise.com.

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