Talent Pool

Benprise's vast global experience has enabled us to make contact with a large group of good hard working men & women who we are confident will provide quality work and expertise in a variety of fields to make sure the job gets done right and on time.

Feel free to browse through these candidates and don't hesitate to let us know is any of them can be of use to your company or project.


Operations Manager - Subish Ezhava

Contact Center Management and Training - Mark Dennis

Call Center Agent - MOHAMMAD RASHID

Executive Bank Manager - Preniel Chetty

Manager - Syed Ali

IT Senior Consultant/Project Manager - Tarek Fouad Ahmed

Manager - Edward Reckdenwald

Account Manager - RADHAKRISHNAN M

Sr. Manager - David Ross

Operations Manager - ACHRAF HARRAS

Business Development Manager - Mohamed Ghanem

Marketing - Shaik Nizamuddin

Service Delivery Operations - GIRISH KUMAR

Pharmacist - SALLY JOY Z

Operations Manager - Sarabeth F Servito

Senior Manager Call Center - Syed Azfar Nasim

Operations Manager - BIJU BABU


Tactical Operations Manager - Jose Baeza

Collection Manager - RELIN M THOMAS

Senior Manager - Michel El Daghel

Call Center Agent - Ronabelle C Anda

Operations Manager - Shaik Nizamuddin

Development Officer - Ramesh Marar

Collection Manager - Anthony Vazquez

Training and Quality Manager - Ahmad Osama Omara

General Manager - Ellis Curlee

Operations Manager - Brian McCracken

Finance Manager - Jaishankar Marathe

Operations Manager - Nagarajan Subramanian

Operations Manager - K Shaik Dawood

Safety Officer - Alvin SanJose

Operations Manager - Dennis Bahia

Security Officer - Michael Lessard

Security Officer - Scherwinn Duremdez

Assistant Manager - Nilesh Gharat

Business Development Officer - Arpit Sharma

Quality Supervisor - Raymond Machan

Operations Specialist and Change Agent - Bill Brooks

Care Manager - Shane Shreeve

Product Trainer - John Ferdinand Buen

Business Process Management & IT Expert - Anthony Angmor

Application Service Desk Manager - Marco Guillermo Vega Molina

Customer Service Representative - PINJARI RIZWAN MUNIR

Operation Manager - Kurt Rasmussen

Executive Assistant / Office Administration Manager - Lesly Kolopita

IT Manager - Russ Youngquist

Operations Manager - Luke Coutinho

Security Officer - Frederick Haley

Operations Manager - Bobby Llana

Protective Security Specialist - Kent Isakson

Account Manager - Rudolph Leong

Operations Manager - Kevin Isherwood

Shift Manager - Adrian Bejo Castilla

Project Manager - Padraig McKeag

Safety Officer - Alvin Jose

Operations Manager - Srikanth Balasubramanian

Operations Manager - Rodrigo Borgia

Senior Management Executive - Randy Warren

Admin Assistant - Eleseo Almocera

Security Officer - Robert Jackson

Operations Manager - Raja Amir Mehboob

Project Manager - Kenneth Kodak

Director / Vice President - Tammy Mack

Customer Service / Sales / QA Manager - Syed Ibrahim

Manager - Shiak Mohammed Qizer

Business Development Manager - Nikul Chauhan

Operations Manager - Jeffrey Morton

Customer Service Manager - David DArcy

Security Officer - Joseph Dela Fuente

Manager - Ershadali Ahmed Sayed

Human Resource Administrator - Dena Frazier

Customer Service - Jovilyn Hagnaya

Expert Senior Training and Quality Manager - Myra Yasmin Gines Santos

Sales Executive - Paul Ephriam

Operations Manager - Andrei Garlan

Operations Manager - Norvel Pacanza Rodrigo

Assistant Operations Manager - Sanket Modi

Operations Specialist - Christopher Brown

Executive Manager - CW Cleveland

Manager - Sunil Raj

Assistant Executive Director - Sukanta Biswas

Security Officer - Shelby Tague

Maintenance Manager - Shawn Andrews

Security Security - Steven Piccarillo

Operations Manager - Markie Rosacena

Collections Agent - Elmer Macazo

Transformation Catalyst - Paarul Sood

QA Inspector - Marites Pagulayan Astorga

Customer Service Representataive - Maricor Ibasco

Learning and Development Manager / Training Leader - Sumit Sawhney

Call Center Manager - Mohamed Hamed Abd El Khalek

Assistant Recruitment Supervisor - Jay Michelle Espinosa

Senior Analyst - Sudha Paluru

Senior Customer Care Officer - LCalvin Pedro

Operations Manager - Maria Vicenta Marivic Santiago

Senior Manager - Datta Prasad Kooduvalli

Security Officer - James Cajune

Call Center Manager - Ahmed Nabil

Supervisor - K Shaikdawood

Call Center Agent - Inderpreet Kaur

Civil Engineer - Artemio Bay

Customer Service - Phllip Romero

Operation Manager - Sridhar S

Risk Management Analyst - Eric Allan John Abenes

Senior Training Consultant - Mark Hindle

Operations Manager / Media Trainer - Marco Houthuijzen

VP Sales / VP Marketing / President Operations - Mark Merrill

Process Improvement Manager - Pushkar Upadhyay

Operations Manager - Imran Mustak Shaikh

Security Officer - Richard Richardson

Operations Manager - Kelly Brown

Operations Manager - Fernando Carlos

Manager - Debashish Ganguli

Security - Morris Green

Quality Control Technologist - Felix Cabel

Business Consultant Supervisor - Gabrielle Anne Santa Cruz

Assistant Manager - Ankur Bajaj

Security Manager - Mark Roger Goossen

VP Operation - Rene Antenor Lopez

Manager - Murray Trepel

Sales Executive - Jalil Parkar

Associate Manager - Syed Masood Ibrahim

Security Coordinator Manager - Mike Draper

Web Designer - Dharmendar Pal

Service Delivery Director - Oscar Escarcega Rivera

Manager - Tehzeeb Ahmed

Operations Manager - William Tosh

Operations Manager - James West

Outbound Sales Representatives - Ryan Obias Cabarubias

Call Center Agent - Urmil Gohil

Quality Controller - Waqas Nisar

Customer Service - Carlos Santos

Security Officer - Brian Murphy

Call Center Representative - Rodney Chaney

Call Center Agent - Nathan Roquino

Talent for Hire
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